Nifty Places | Franklin Pizza, Home of the Garlic Knot Sandwich

By Chris Tonucci

Perhaps saying I eat less garbage than I used to is a lie I tell myself. Perhaps before I was more of a willing participant, and now garbage simply foists itself upon me. Perhaps this thing is real, or maybe it is just a mirage that manifests in the veritable octagon of shame that constitutes my after-hours eating habits. In any case, there it was, glistening in the stale fluorescence of Franklin Pizza (109 Franklin St., Greenpoint, Brooklyn). A giant garlic knot sliced open to hold the contents of a chicken parm sandwich (actually, several of them, arranged doughnut-style on a baking tray like a clone army programmed to seize and destroy my digestive tract).

I came very close to resisting, but my girlfriend/enabler insisted I eat one to satisfy my curiosity, going as far to make it her treat. After a wrap in foil and a quick reheat in the pizza oven, the hybridized pizza treat sat in front of me, the signature, almost reflective quality of the garlic knot rendering the thing almost cake-like. The sandwich was gone in seconds.

Was it good? What is good, really? I certainly had some ideas for improvement. It was actually a very good garlic knot, with a generous heap of chopped garlic on top. The inside was more predictably bland than bad, like any chicken you find on a cheap slice, with too little sauce to notice the flavor. Cup of sauce on the side and eggplant instead of chicken might bring this thing closer to greatness. After asking on the way out, the owner offered to take requests. “Pretty much anything,” he said. Oh boy.

Chris Tonucci feels some embarrassment when he takes pictures of food, but he’ll do it anyway. He lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and enjoys simple meals, The Replacements and the Heat that stars Burt Reynolds.